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General Informations

JIVE is a Latin American dance that is danced in international ballroom competitions. It is closely related to boogie-woogie and rock `n roll. While rock `n roll is danced with hops, the jive has its own basic step that is not hopped. Jive is usually danced in an open dancing stance.

Helpful prerequisites:

  • Experience with movement and music
  • Examples from the category: "Short Dances"

Tips for implementation:

  • Different forms of organisations add variety and take some pressure off the teacher as the "presenter".
  • Play some music during the practice phase (motivation). The sound volume can be varied.

Further steps:

  • If students know a few jive moves, they may combine these moves freely.
  • Use hopping and jive moves alternatively
  • They can create their own moves

Tips relating to the music: further information can be found under the heading "Tips & methods" > Music  

  • For this example, several different music pieces are suitable. A clear rhythm with between 120 – 150  beats per minute (BPM) is helpful (Rock n Roll,  Boogie Woogie)
  • Good, motivating music is very important. Use songs that are currently popular every now and then. Bring faster and slower music to the lesson. These add variety and motivation to lessons.